expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.


After logging in to the CMS, select "Exhibitions" from the navigation menu on the left.

Basic settings

Input mask for the first general basic settings.

The tabs

General - General settings for your virtual event.

Inbox - customising the start page with graphics and widgets

- Texts for registration confirmation, privacy policy, general terms and conditions, imprint, etc.
- Subject and email text for the REMINDER . Explanations for REMINDER are listed in the "Texts" section.

Developer Settings - no editing possible (the API key for use in other applications can be viewed here)

Use extended registration
The registration form of the expo-IP trade fair platform can be extended by several fields in order to obtain additional information from the visitor during registration. To do this, please select the option "Extended registration". By default, for events that require registration, the visitor's title, first name, last name, e-mail address and password are requested via the mandatory fields. If the checkbox "Extended registration" is activated - another TAB is displayed.

Registration of the extended registration fields

Enter the desired additional registration fields below.

Option: Released for exhibitors
If this option is set, an exhibitor can view and export the contents of these fields in his stand statistics.

Option: Required
This option makes the field a required field.

Option: "Show in chat
Activation of the checkbox "Show in chat" applies exclusively for use of the "tawk.to" chat using the API and is only possible for 1 additional registration field.

Exhibitormay send messages to users
If exhibitors or "contactors" are to be authorised to send messages to visitors via the expo-IP CMS, please select the option "Exhibitor may send messages to users". With this option, the exhibitor/contactor receives a new menu item "Visitors" within the expo-IP CMS. This menu item will show the exhibitor ALL trade fair visitors with the option to send a message to the visitor within the trade fair system. The profile area in the visitor's dashboard will be extended. However, the visitor can generally refuse to be contacted by Exhibitor/Contacor. In addition, the visitor receives a further tab "Messages" in his dashboard, in which he can view, delete or reply to incoming messages from the exhibitor/contactor.

The process of contacting
The exhibitor / contactor sends a message to the visitor. This message is stored in the visitor's personal dashboard. The visitor receives an e-mail from the expo-IP system indicating that he has received a message from an exhibitor. The registered visitor can reply to, delete or ignore this message via his dashboard. If the visitor replies to the message, expo-IP sends the exhibitor / contactor an e-mail with the original message, the visitor's reply and the visitor's e-mail address. Further communication between exhibitor / contactor and visitor now takes place outside expo-IP. Contact requests via this function are only possibleonce per visitor, provided the visitor has not refused the possibility of a contact request.

Default language
Please select the language you require for your event. The language selected here applies to both the expo-IP CMS (backend) and the visitor view (frontend). Content entered by the organiser / exhibitor is not automatically translated by expo-IP.

Enter the e-mail address of the organiser here. This email address will be displayed on the fair start page in the "Contact" section and is linked to "mailto:".

In addition, the expo-IP system will send an automatically generated email to the email address entered here 2 days before the end of the period of use (licence period) entered under licence settings with the information that the licence will expire shortly and the entire instance will be completely and irretrievably deleted 30 days after the end of the period of use.

Trade fair logo
Select your trade fair logo here, which you have previously uploaded via the "Media" area. To find out which media types and formats can be used, please read the documentation in the step-by-step instructions section.

Alternative URL for visitor registration (event landing page)
If you would like to use your own landing page for registration (instead of expo-IP's own registration form), please enter the URL of the website via which visitors can register here. How to link the registration form on your own landing page or link an event site via XING to the expo-IP system is described in the section "Trade fair registration via web form".

Registration required
You can also allow visitors to visit your event anonymously - i.e. without registering. For the interactive elements of the expo-IP platform, however, visitors must register and log in. In this case, set both options "Registration required" and "Activation required". With the option "Activation required" you activate the double opt-in registration that may be necessary due to data protection.

Statistics for events without registration
Please note that expo-IP does NOT provide statistics if your event does not require visitor registration.

Custom CSS/JS
If you want to use a different analysis tool - or your own adaptations of the CSS, please enter the code (usually a JavaScript) of the system you are using here. To obtain the correct code, please contact the manufacturer of the analysis tool you are using.

Select chat / Chat integration
Not only exhibitors can integrate a chat at their virtual exhibition stand. Organisers can also integrate a chat for their event.

If you want to use a chat globally for your entire event, please set the option "Show this service chat on all exhibition stands". Please note that in this case only the chat that you have configured under Select chat and Chat integration can be used. The integration of a service chat is done in the same way as the integration of a chat, as you can read in the documentation for exhibitors/organisers in the section Integrating the chat system at the exhibition stand.