expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Registration form

The registration of a trade fair visitor for the expo-IP platform can take place ...

The following describes the basic settings required in the expo-IP CMS.

The basic settings in EXPO-IP CMS

Events that are used as an instrument for lead generation should in any case provide for registration of event visitors. expo-IP nevertheless also offers the possibility of anonymous access for visitors (if approved by the organizer) - this is NOT part of the following explanations.

To define the registration process, the option "Registration required" is activated via the menu item "Trade fair -> Edit trade fair -> TAB: "General". The option "Registration required" initialises the double opt-in procedure required by the DSGVO.

The basic settings in EXPO-IP CMS: Texts

With their registration, visitors receive an e-mail message with the link to activate their registration. The text for this e-mail can be customized via the menu item "Trade fair -> Edit trade fair -> TAB: Texts".

The e-mail text must contain the[activation link] variable, because this variable is automatically filled by the system with the individual link for activating the visitor registration.

Other variables that can be used for personalized targeting include:

[title], [first name], and [last name].

In case the visitor registration is done directly via the registration page of the expo-IP system, the visitor will receive a text informing about his successful registration. This text can also be adapted via the menu item "Trade fair -> Edit trade fair -> TAB: Texts".

Advanced registration fields

If additional fields are used for registration - or are to be changed via the API, they must first be defined. Please read more about this here.

When registering directly via the expo-IP registration form, all fields - including the fields of the extended registration - will be requested directly during registration. If, on the other hand, registration is carried out via a webhook using a web form, conference landing page or XING Events webhook, the information for extended registration will only be requested after the registration process, i.e. when the visitor logs in.

Registration directly via the expo-IP registration form

The link for direct registration via the expo-IP system is: https://messename.expo-ip.com/registrieren.

expo" is automatically entered as the source of registration in the visitor statistics. Here - unlike when using a landing page - no campaign control can take place.