expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.


A virtual event includes a start page that is configured via the "Entrance" tab. Analogous to a virtual trade fair stand, the entrance consists of a background graphic on which information or media can be provided via buttons (widgets). The configuration of the trade fair entrance is analogous to that of a trade fair stand.

The background graphic for the fair entrance is uploaded to the "fair " stand via the " Media " button. The graphic can then be selected and the widgets positioned at the desired location. See also documentation for a virtual fair stand 

All available widgets can also be used at the entrance (stand "fair") (see alsoWidgettypes and their use). Widgets that can additionally be used sensibly for the entrance are:

  • ConferenceList
  • FairhallList (only possible for "mobile")
  • LinkFairhall
  • LinkInternal
  • RecordingList
  • StandList (only possible for "mobile")

These widgets and their possible use are described below.


The ConferenceList widget shows all active and future conferences of the virtual fair.

The widget ConferenceList (here: Conferences) at the entrance has the additional function of automatically displaying the conferences set in the widget in the visitor's personal dashboard. If NO conferences have been manually assigned to the widget, ALL conferences of the fair are automatically assigned in the ConferenceList. If only selected conferences are to be displayed, they must be manually moved from the list of available conferences into the designated field and assigned in this way (move from the selection on the left to the green field on the right).


(only possible for mobile)

With the widget FairhallList the visitor gets an overview of all available exhibition halls. The use of this widget is ideal if a virtual trade fair is to be structured clearly or thematically over several exhibition halls.


Using this widget, a button can be positioned on the background graphic to link the visitor directly to a trade fair hall by "clicking" on it. The visitor is then automatically shown a list of the trade fair stands configured in this hall.


This widget can be used to link directly to a virtual exhibition stand, e.g. a direct link to premium partners. Optionally, a graphic can be created that visualises a trade fair site, e.g. from a bird's eye view, and links can be positioned on it via "LinkInternal" to desired areas (e.g. trade fair stands).


Analogous to the ConferenceList, expired conferences that have taken place previously are offered as recordings in the visitor's dashboard. Only conferences that have ended at least one hour before are displayed.

StandList (only possible for mobile)

With the StandList, the mobile visitor is shown a list of all active exhibition stands.