expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Cookie Consent

The cookie guidelines stipulate that before cookies are delivered, the visitor must be informed about the type and use of cookies. Cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the function of a trade fair may NOT be set without the active consent of the visitor.

In the CMS of your event, set the cookies for which you would like to obtain the visitor's consent.

Cookie warning - configuration and display

Menu path: EXPO-IP CMS -> Trade fair -> Cookie settings tab (Required)

Example view if all cookies are to be set:

Optional cookies: Text hint

Here, organisers can enter their individual text for the use of optional cookies.

Additional cookies

If individual tools (e.g. add-on tools) are integrated, e.g. by inserting a script in the "Custom CSS/JS" area, the organiser is solely responsible for observing the requirements of data protection with regard to the cookie guidelines. EXPO-IP GmbH accepts no responsibility for the legally compliant use of cookies set by add-on applications.

Cookie Consent Manager URL

If no expo-IP cookies have been set for a visitor, the Cookie Consent Manager opens automatically. In the case of an expo-IP instance that requires the visitor to log in, the selection result is saved in the visitor's profile settings and can also be managed there by the visitor.

With an expo-IP instance that NO requires a login, the Cookie Consent Manager can be called up at any time via the Cookie Consent Manager URL. When the URL is called up, the visitor lands on the start page of the expo-IP instance and the cookie dialogue is opened.


The Cookie Consent Manager URL is composed of the URL of the expo-IP instance (or cutom domain) and the extension /user/managecookies.





Manage cookies: Visitors

Visitors to expo-IP instances that require a login can manage and change their consent to cookies at any time via their profile setting.

Menu path: Dashboard -> Profile -> Settings