expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.


Under this tab, texts are entered for:

  • Welcome text during the trade fair - Information about the event, if applicable
  • Title of info box outside fair hours - is the heading of the overlaying information box (PopUp) that is displayed to a visitor while the event is closed. The text displayed in the box is shown in the next field "Welcome text outside fair time".
  • Contact information is provided for the contact details of the organizer
  • Imprint of the organizer
  • General terms and conditions - of the organiser (optional)
  • Subject for registration mail that a visitor receives after registration
  • Text for registration mail for the personalized content of the mail a visitor receives after registration - should contain link for account activation
  • Text after successful registration - is displayed on the visitor's screen after registration
  • Reminder title - subject of a manually triggered reminder email to ALL registered visitors
  • Reminder e-mail text - content of a manually triggered reminder e-mail to ALL registered visitors - should contain the parameter [systemhinweis].

The following section deals with texts in which variables should be used for possible personalization or system messages/links.

Text for registration mail

For events that require registration, it is recommended to use the double opt-in procedure. After registration, the visitor receives an email with a (activation) link to activate his or her visitor account at the event. Without clicking on their personal activation link, they are not registered at the event.

The following variables are available for the e-mail to the visitor:

[vorname] - is filled by the system with the visitor's first name
[nachname] - is filled by the system with the visitor's last name
[freischaltlink] - is filled by the system with the visitor's account activation link.

[freischaltlink] - This variable must be included in the e-mail text if the fair requires registration. The variable provides the personal activation link of a visitor!

Sample text (of the virtual trade fair "DiMarEx"):

Welcome [vorname] [nachname],

You have successfully registered for DiMarEx. We want to protect you from SPAM and make sure that your registration was not done by a robot. Therefore, we ask you to confirm your registration with the following link and thereby activate your LogIn.

Upon registration for a lecture at DiMarEx, you will immediately receive your personal access data by email as well as a reminder email 1 hour before the start of the lecture.

This is your personal activation link for the DiMarEx:

If you have any questions or suggestions, our support team (see below for contact details) will be happy to help you at any time.

Kind regards
Your Event Team

P.S. After you have activated your account, please enter your personal password. You can then log in at any time after the event has opened at https://veranstaltungsname.expo-ip.com/ with your e-mail address and the password you have assigned.

Organiser of this event:

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 7
64293 Darmstadt
Phone: +49 (0)6151 800 21 81
E-mail: info@expo-ip.com

Text for reminder e-mail

Organisers can manually send reminder emails to registered visitors. Due to the double opt-in procedure, visitors' registrations can have different statuses.

The statuses can be:

- a visitor has not yet confirmed their account
- a visitor has confirmed their
account - but has not yet created his own password - or has not completed the registration.

Depending on the status, the visitor should receive the appropriate request for action. So that the organiser does not have to take the status into account in his e-mail text, the variable[systemhinweis] is available - in addition to the variables[first name], [last name] - and should generally be used in the reminder e-mail.

Sample text:


this program awaits you on the last day of the web conference:

09:00 - Agenda item 1
10:00 - Agenda item 2
11:00 - Agenda item 3

[system note]

Kind regards
Your Event Team


The variable[systemhinweis] inserts the following text into the message.

Registered visitors who have not yet activated their account:

YOUR ACCESS TO THE "Name of the Fair" Fair:
You have not yet activated your LogIn. This is your personal activation link (please enter your personal password): Activate now

Registered visitors who have activated their account:

YOUR ACCESS TO the "Name of the Fair" Fair:
You have successfully registered for the event "Name of the Fair". You can now log in with your LogIn data: Register now
Forgot your password? Here you can reset your password: Reset now