expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

User / Exhibitor

To create a user / exhibitor, the user data must be entered and the necessary authorisations assigned. Organisers can create the following users:

  • Organizer - has administration rights and may edit the virtual fair and all stands. The organiser can create any number of additional organiser accounts and exhibitor accounts. He has access to all staff accounts and visitor data.
  • Exhibitor - may only edit the stands assigned to him and has access (view and export) to the visitor data of the stands assigned to him. In addition, an exhibitor - if approved by the organiser - can view ALL trade fair visitors and send messages (contact requests) to each trade fair visitor within the trade fair system (see documentation on TAB: General in the "Trade fair" section).
  • Contactor - can - if approved by the organiser - view ALL trade fair visitors and send messages (contact requests) to each trade fair visitor within the trade fair system.

All users who are to have access to the EXPO-IP CMS are managed via the menu item: "Employees". Visitors are managed via the menu item: "Visitors". The two user groups are separated from each other due to data protection regulations - both in administration and in physical storage.

This article describes how to create an exhibitor login via the menu item "Employees".


Employees → Create employees

Input mask "Create employee

All fields of the input mask should be filled. The role "Exhibitor" is selected for the creation of the Exhibitor LogIn. The "Status" should always be set to "Active".

Assign exhibitor - stand(s)

After the account has been created and saved, the data record is called up again; in the input field above the designation "Role", all stands can now be selected that are to be assigned to the newly created user (Exhibitor LogIn).

Transmit access data to the employee

The expo-IP system does NOT send automatic messages to created staff accounts. Please manually submit the login data created for the exhibitor.


Change password by the employee

Employees can change their own login password at any time by accessing their own profile and making the changes.


LogIn to CMS -> Profile