expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Introduction for organizers

Notes on the use of the (WYSIWYG) editor

The EXPO-IP CMS provides a (WYSIWYG) editor for some fields, which provides functions for formatting the text. Please note that you should not use the "Copy / Paste" function when entering text, e.g. to copy text from MS Word or from Internet pages into the text fields. This results in own formatting parameters that may not be suitable for the Internet and may lead to incorrect display in applications such as the expo-IP platform.

Use of HTML mode
For some input fields, it is possible to switch to "HTML mode" and thus carry out HTML checks. This mode should only be used by users who are familiar with HTML. If HTML input is used, there is a risk that the display will not be implemented correctly, that data protection regulations and applicable copyright law will be violated and that data security may be jeopardised. We would like to point out that expo-IP does not offer any support for the use of HTML inputs and the resulting errors.

If, for example, external media (graphics, videos, etc.) are integrated via a link, please ensure that the dimensions are adjusted for correct display within the expo-IP. If media are moved or deleted from the original storage location on your server, the media integrated via HTML mode can no longer be displayed on the expo-IP platform.

Delivery status

An expo-IP instance is delivered pre-configured with sample data to make it easier for the organiser to configure and design their own event. For this purpose, we have stored placeholders for the background graphics of the start page, lobby and stage in the media section. In addition, you will find a placeholder for a logo. Any sample texts - as well as the graphics mentioned - should be adapted to the respective event.

Graphic templates

We provide open Photoshop files for the graphic representation of the start page, the lobby, the stage and 5 virtual exhibition stands. These can be individually adapted and used without restriction exclusively within the framework of an expo-IP virtual event. Use outside of an expo-IP event is NOT permitted.

Privacy policy

EXPO-IP customers receive a DSGVO-compliant data protection declaration with the delivery of the expo-IP instance, which is provided as a sample for download. This data protection declaration must be adapted by the organiser according to his event and his company data.