expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Exhibition stand - a step-by-step guide

Before you start filling your virtual exhibition stand, you should have the desired background graphic for your stand and all the required media with which the exhibition stand is to be equipped ready. When creating media, make sure to assign a unique name to the media so that you can find it again in your media list.

The necessary steps in order

  1. Log in
  2. Upload medium background graphic
  3. Upload Medium Logo
  4. Upload other media (documents, videos, pictures)
  5. Edit stand
  6. Select background graphic
  7. Select logo
  8. Enter text and contact information
  9. Positioning Widgets
  10. Stand preview
  11. Log out

Settings for a virtual exhibition stand with a widget.

In our following example we create a virtual exhibition stand with all the important basic settings and provide a brochure for download.

(1) Log in

Log in to the expo-IP CMS system with your login data.

(2) Upload medium "background graphic

Select the menu item "Media" in the navigation.
Create medium

Media must always be assigned to a virtual stand. If you manage several virtual exhibition stands within a trade fair, please select the stand at which the desired medium is to be available. If you only manage one stand, this is already preselected.

Now upload the stand background graphic, give the graphic a name and make sure that "Background graphic" is selected as the medium type. A description of the background graphic is not required. Select the status "Live" and save your settings.

Please make sure to keep the file size of the background graphic as small as possible to save the data volume - especially for smartphone users.

After the file has been successfully uploaded, a preview list of all the media you have uploaded is displayed. You can delete media from this list at any time.

(3) Upload medium "Logo" (note dimensions!)

Upload your company logo by selecting the "Create medium" button again. A company logo is an image (format JPG, PNG or GIF) with the dimensions:

  • width: 350px
  • height: 200px

A description text is also not required for a company logo. Give the medium a name (e.g. company logo). Please make sure that you have selected "Logo" as the medium type and select the status "Live".

(4) Upload additional media

Upload all the media you want to make available to visitors one after the other via the "Create medium" button. Give each medium a suitable name and always select the type of medium. For example, use PDF documents for brochures, flyers, product information or even job offers. You can also upload e.g. product images that you want to use for one or more image galleries, as well as videos. For all media (except logo and background graphics) it is advisable to add a short description of the content. For PDF documents, metatags can be set in addition to the description. Both the description and the metatags are taken into account in the EXPO-IP search function.
Select the status "Live" and save your settings.

Upload Video

Please note: The maximum file size for uploading a video is 512MB. To display videos larger than 512 MB, please use the services of Youtube or Vimeo. Upload the video on the respective platform and use the "Youtube" or "Vimeo" widgets in the expo-IP CMS.

(5) Edit trade fair stand

Select "Stands" from the menu bar and click on the pencil icon to edit your stand.

(6) Select background graphic

Under the "Stand" tab, select the background graphic for your virtual exhibition stand that you have already uploaded in advance and save your setting.

(7) Select logo

Now select the tab "Settings" and the company logo uploaded in advance. Please also check that the URL entered in the "Imprint" field is correct.

(8) Capture texts and contact information

Please enter basic texts and contact information under the tabs "Settings" and "Contact information". Under the "Settings" tab, please enter the description text and catalogue text for your trade fair presentation. This information is relevant for the search function, as well as for users who visit your trade fair presentation via a smartphone.

Under the tab "Contact information" please fill in the fields with your company data. The field "Contact e-mail" must be filled in, as the information from the completed contact form will be sent to this e-mail address. The data on your company address will be used by Google Maps.

For your company profiles in the social networks, you can enter the corresponding links in the fields provided. The links must always begin with https://.

The contact data recorded here and the links to the solar networks are displayed next to the contact form. Below this, your location is shown on a map.


(9) Position widgets

After the basic settings have been made, we now use a first widget to offer the visitor the download of a brochure. To do this, select the "Stand" tab and click on the "Create new widget" button. The widget wizard opens.

Select the desired widget type (in our example: "Download") and enter the necessary widget information (in our example: "Tooltip").
In our example, we would like to offer our brochure for download and therefore select the widget type "Download". To suit both desktop and smartphone users, the "Desktop" and "Mobile" checkboxes are set.

Now select the medium you want the visitor to download when they click the widget.

Save the widget

A newly created widget is positioned on the background graphic at the X-Y coordinate 940 - 560. You can either change the position of the widget freely with the mouse
- or set it by entering the X-Y coordinates.

You can change the settings of a widget at any time by clicking on the pencil icon.

Visitors with a desktop PC will see a pulsating circle on our virtual stand where the widget has been positioned. If the visitor moves the mouse to this position, the text entered in the "Tooltip" field is also displayed.

Smartphone users are not shown the widget markings (pulsating circles). The smartphone user is first shown the background graphic of the virtual stand, followed by the company logo and the set description.

This is followed by the information of the widgets in the order specified by the stand operator. You can determine the order of the widgets to be displayed via numbering. After the widgets, the visitor is shown a contact form, your contact details and the location of your company headquarters on a map.

(10) View stand preview

To get a preview of your stand, click the preview icon. The preview will be displayed in a new browser tab.

To simulate the view of a smartphone user, reduce the dimensions of your browser window accordingly.

(11) Log out / Log off

To log out of the administration console, select the "Log out" button.