expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Send message (contact request) to a visitor

Using the option "Exhibitor may send message to visitor" in the trade fair settings, organisers can give exhibitors the option of viewing all visitors to a virtual trade fair and sending each visitor a message (contact request) within the trade fair system, provided the visitor has confirmed this option in their individual profile.
Furthermore, an organiser can create so-called "contact persons" logins for exhibitors. Contact persons are only authorised to send a message (contact request) to visitors - but not to edit the stand. If the organiser has activated the release for contact requests to visitors, a new menu item "Visitor" is released for the exhibitor at his stand.

This new menu item can now display ALL trade fair visitors. The "letter symbol" opens a window for entering a message.

This is where the subject and content of the message are recorded. After sending, the message is placed in the visitor's dashboard - there he can delete or reply to the message. In addition, the trade fair platform sends a message to the visitor and informs him that a message has been received for him. If the visitor answers the message, he is asked to confirm that the message including his contact details will be transmitted to the exhibitor/contact person. Only then will the exhibitor/contact person receive an e-mail with the original request, the reply and the visitor's contact details.

Any further communication will take place outside the virtual trade fair from this point on.