expo-IP Messenger Status Update


With the "expo-IP Messenger" function, messages can be exchanged in real time between visitors and exhibitors / contactors. The expo-IP Messenger can be used as a text chat for expo-IP instances.


For each visitor to a stand, a separate chat room with the exhibitor is created when the visitor clicks on the expo-IP Messenger. This guarantees that every visitor - as long as he is on the instance - can communicate with every exhibitor - regardless of where the visitor is on the expo-IP instance. The visitor thus carries the messenger with him like a mobile phone. Creating a chat room causes a load on the expo-IP Messenger server. If several visitors create chat rooms at the same time, this leads to delays that prevent practical use of the messenger.

For this reason, the expo-IP messenger must not be used if it is expected that many users (number depends on various factors) will create chat rooms at the same time.

As a result, the expo-IP Messenger cannot be used as a Q&A platform for e.g. livestreams under any circumstances.

The stress test of 05.04.2022 showed that the expo-IP Messenger cannot yet be rolled out without restrictions.

Roadmap (next)

  1. Higher tolerance of the visitor client for delayed feedback from the server
  2. Visitor client must sort chats by relevance (latest on top)
  3. Exhibitor client must sort chats by relevance (latest on top)

Rollout Release Candidate (1st to 3rd) planned: 19.05.2022

Roadmap (future)

  • Change of server infrastructure - planned August 2022
  • Provision of group chat rooms - if necessary by the end of 2022