Live lecture: Virtual events - almost without alternatives and reliable planning

The incidence values seem unpredictable and continue to make reasonable event planning almost impossible.

A few weeks ago, event organisers were almost in high spirits - now it's going down again and nothing can really be planned. No wonder that more and more companies and organisers are turning to virtual events.

Avoid mistakes: More and more platforms for virtual events are vying for the organisers' favour. Relying on recommendations from supposed "comparison portals" can burn a lot of time and money.

Let yourself be inspired by practical examples of successful events implemented with the digital platform expo-IP instead of being blinded by promises.

Learn how with expo-IP

  • almost any event format can be designed easily and flexibly in the self-service mode
  • every event becomes an exciting visitor experience
  • central visitor tracking and analyses are absolutely DSGVO-compliant

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Date: 15.02.2022 - Tuesday 10:00 a.m.
Speakers: Martin Schulz and Maik Breilmann, EXPO-IP GmbH