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Virtual events: yesterday's news.

The friendly smile of the employee at check-in, the rising noise level when entering the hall and the arm getting heavier and heavier due to bulging give-away bags after a long day at the trade fair: By now it is actually hard for us to remember a time before Corona when we casually strolled through the event and trade fair halls of this world. Admittedly: Even as a B2B agency that has had the pleasure of helping many clients realize their events digitally, we miss real trade shows and events.

A look at the current situation, however, does not promise a "back to normal" any time soon: Events will be implemented predominantly digitally or at least hybrid in 2021. Real trade fairs and the like are still out of the question.

Departure to new virtual worlds.

So it's time to look at the new reality, the "new" or - as many are already saying - the "next normal". The fact is: virtual events have come to stay. And that can certainly be seen in a positive light.

Especially for marketers who have already thought a lot about the measurability, sustainability and ultimately the ROI of physical trade fairs and events before Corona, the advantages of virtual events are obvious. Because when used correctly along the customer journey, virtual experiences can sustainably inspire customers and finally make success measurable. With the right tracking, it is also quite easy to find out the interests of prospects and customers digitally.

Virtualization also offers many new opportunities for the targeted guidance of prospects through the customer journey and the conversion of participants into real leads after an event. Questions such as "What actually happens after the event?", "How and where do I reach my target group?" are thus a thing of the analog past.

One caveat to virtual events, however, is the potential boredom in front of the screen. This does not have to be the case! A sophisticated virtual event concept that repeatedly activates and involves the user can remedy the situation. In addition, more and more clever tools and add-ons open up new creative possibilities to surprise customers and provide variety, diversity and differentiation.

Attention, contacts, leads - virtual events individually thought and cleverly done.

As you can see, virtual events are multifaceted and an integral part of the modern marketing mix. From the experience we have gathered with our customers so far, we can even say: Virtual events work and can be very successful.

And because actions speak louder than words - here are a few examples for you:

The examples show: Not all virtual events are the same. The right implementation can also be found for your events and needs. So it's worth looking beyond the analogue edge of your nose to discover new possibilities and position yourself for the increasingly digital future. And don't worry: with the support of a strong, reliable partner, the step into the virtual event world is quite simple.

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