Marketing automation - it works really well with expo-IP

Video 44min.

Marketing automation - it works really well with expo-IP

The number of virtual trade fair and event platforms has grown by leaps and bounds since the beginning of the pandemic. This clearly shows that digitalisation has also won over this market segment. But simply hosting events digitally now is not enough for companies. Analyses must clearly provide information about visitors and their buying interest.

Since the introduction of expo-IP tracking, the behaviour of every visitor to expo-IP instances has become visible. You can see in real time who opened, downloaded or viewed what, when and can use this information very effectively for your marketing automation.

Sales staff of B2B companies want their marketing team to receive qualified leads.Expo-IP makes it possible to deliver them now!

With expo-IP, you can provide your sales department - completely automatically - with contact data as well as all important information that clearly shows which interests the visitor is currently pursuing. In this way, sales staff can establish personal contact in a targeted manner. No matter which CRM system you are already working with or will be working with in the future (Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics, ZoHo, etc.), with expo-IP you create the optimal basis for your marketing automation strategy.

What do we show in this workshop:

  • Create the basis for your marketing automation in no time at all
  • Live tracking in real time - your results
  • 100% DSGVO compliant - no problem with expo-IP!

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