Events in times of the pandemic

Video 51min.

Events in times of the pandemic

Isn't it enough to make your hair stand on end? The incidence values seem unpredictable and make sensible event planning no longer possible. Whereas organisers were almost in high spirits just a few weeks ago, this mood level is now plummeting again. No wonder that more and more companies and organisers are turning to virtual events.

The advantages are obvious. Virtual events not only have the world's best hygiene concept, they are extremely flexible to use and have proven that they are ideally suited for the quick and intensive exchange of information with customers and interested parties.

With over 600 virtual events implemented with the expo-IP platform since the beginning of the pandemic, the acceptance of a digital event by organisers and visitors alike is very clear. Numerous companies that have organised virtual events themselves in the recent past confirm that the number of new contacts made is far higher than was previously the case with physical trade fair presences.

Particularly in the B2B sector, it is evident that interested parties are intensively informing themselves on the internet about the products and services of the provider (and also of its competitors) even before making contact. This is where it is important to offer potential customers as much information as possible and to be available for a direct and live exchange.

The solution is to use virtual events that are simple, clear, informative and interactive.

In this webinar, you will experience a firework of examples of successful events that have been and are being implemented with the expo-IP platform alone. With the help of many practical examples, you will learn about

  • How easy it is to design and organise virtual events individually
  • With which add-ons every event becomes an individual experience
  • How you can see in real time who is doing what on your platform at any given time

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