Digital Events - Planning - Realisation

Video 55min.

Digital Events - Planning and Realisation

Digital events and digital marketing are an optimal solution for many industries and companies in times of pandemic. The planning and implementation varies greatly from industry to industry and requires a certain level of experience. In this lecture you will get a cross-sectoral insight into digital events and formats.

The following questions are addressed:

  • In which industries are digital events already being used?
  • Which event type is the right one for my industry?
  • When does a digital event make sense in my industry?
  • Which mechanisms and measures are successful?
  • Which interaction possibilities are successful?
  • How do I create interaction with visitors? How do I reach my target group digitally?
  • How does my message become a digital experience? When is the best time for my digital event?
  • Can I generate leads with a digital event?
  • How can I make the best use of the information gained?


  • Possible applications from different sectors
  • Overview of digital event types and formats
  • Opportunities for interaction with the audience

EXPO-IP offers a comprehensive basis for the digital implementation of small or complex events.

This lecture is intended to stimulate and inspire you for your personal planning.

Speaker: Dipl.-Des. Maik Breilmann, Managing Director EXPO-IP GmbH

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