Clever Marketing: Digital Roadshow

Video 43min.

Clever Marketing: Digital Roadshow

Do you remember? Nothing was more successful in B2B marketing than organising your own roadshow.

We stopped at the important cities and invited our prospects and customers to experience new solutions and engage in exchange with us. Organising a roadshow was an immense effort - but it was far more worthwhile than all the other marketing measures put together.

Today, the format is digital and still has the edge - only much cheaper, more efficient and quicker to implement.

Hardly imaginable at the time - today reality and also 100% DSGVO compliant: We see in real time and personalised what information our prospects call up and know what they are really interested in. With this knowledge, we have the opportunity to automate our marketing and provide optimal digital support for our sales.

In our practical workshop, you will learn how to use a digital showroom to implement a roadshow with which you can stay in permanent contact with interested parties and customers and continuously read current needs and react to them. We will show you step by step how your company can also benefit from the success of digital roadshows.

This is what awaits you:

  • Short, crisp overview
  • Step-by-step instructions based on a practical example
  • Outlook on marketing automation and digitalisation of sales

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