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Areas of application. Functions. Overview.

Overview of the expo-IP system

  • Basic functions
  • Areas of application
  • ADD-ONs
  • Streaming integration
  • The expo-IP CMS
  • DSGVO compliant

Duration: 09:30 minutes

Design + Interaction

The design concept of the expo-IP

  • Individually customisable
  • Ready templates
  • custom graphics
  • Create interaction
  • Fast implementation
  • Support for many media

Duration: 3:03 Minutes

Conferences - Webinars - Livestreams

Live communication is an important part of digital events. With expo-IP, you can integrate your preferred conference solution or a live stream in no time at all.

Duration: 3:00 minutes

Tracking - success evaluation in real time 

Visitor statistics, registration and participant lists from conferences plus real-time statistics on who accesses which content provide the basis for digital lead management. All data is ready for auto-sync with your CRM.

Duration: 2:29 minutes

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expo-IP functions

expo-IP technology

The expo-IP software offers a lot of functions and possibilities. Here you will find an overview ...


    Expandable with ADD-ons

    expo-IP extensions

    Depending on the requirements and conception of your digital event, do you need additional functions? No problem - use the ADD-On tools for unlimited possibilities.

      expo-IP Infocenter 

      expo-IP Tracking

      Here you will find information about digital marketing and events ...

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        Our servers are located in a data centre in 64293 Darmstadt, which has ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. The runtime of the data packets to one of the world's largest internet exchange nodes in Frankfurt is approx. 0.5 milliseconds