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My®Nutricomp product launch

Virtual event NewNutrition: Drinking nutrition à la carte

At the digital launch event entitled NewNutrition, the new product My ®Nutricomp from B. Braun was presented to the public.

For people with disease-related malnutrition, drinkable food is often a way of not losing weight and absorbing all the vital nutrients. However, the variety of tastes has so far been limited.

My ®Nutricomp offers the solution to easily add more flavour to your menu.

The event was advertised in advance on the company's social media channels, so that there was a colourful mix of participants from the medical and nutritional science fields as well as patients and their relatives at the start.

Target groups could hardly be more different, but with the help of the Expo-IP platform and a tailor-made content concept, it was possible to address them individually and according to their needs.

Virtual taste experience

Eating is a pleasure and cooking is a passion for many. But for people who have cancer, for example, the preparation of food is often an enormous effort. In addition, the metabolism changes, which is why those affected have to keep a close eye on their calorie and nutrient intake so as not to jeopardise the success of their therapy.

The new product offers a wide range of flavours - from sweet to savoury, everything is included. Whether spaghetti bolognese, goulash, vegetable curry soup or panna cotta. With 12 seasoning blends, variety is on offer.

According to the motto "Pour. Shake. Wow!", anyone can easily mix the drinkable food with the seasoning blends or cook delicious dishes to enrich the food with extra calories and nutrients.

But how can taste be transmitted virtually? With audio-visual stimuli! So there was plenty of inspiration and recipes to try out in the form of cooking videos, presented and implemented by celebrity chef and spice pope Alfons Schuhbeck, who developed the product in collaboration with B. Braun. And who's mouth doesn't water when you can watch and listen to a professional cooking?

Event charm with online tools and livestream

The event was rounded off with playful elements. In the theme room "Worlds of Taste", the audience was able to playfully get to know all 12 varieties with a digital memory tool and at the same time get inspiration for the dishes.

Another interactive element of the NewNutrition was an online survey, which was designed to get personal feedback from the participants. They were asked about their preferred flavours and, quite incidentally, the product development team was able to collect more ideas for popular flavours. After all, the focus of My ®Nutricomp is "nutrition to my taste". The decisive factor for the selection of suitable tools was ease of use. Uncomplicated and intuitive, but visually appealing.

In order to stay in the memory after the event and to try the product for themselves, all visitors were sent a product sample afterwards. In this way, the digital dinner was transferred into the real world.

Tasteful atmosphere on site and at home

HR presenter Britta Lohmann skilfully captured the cosy lounge atmosphere from the set in the old Haydau Monastery in Morschen and broadcast it via Youtube livestream.

The experts PD Dr. Michael Adolph, Prof. Dr. Marc Martignoni and Alfons Schuhbeck illuminated the topic of malnutrition from a nutritional and culinary perspective. Afterwards, they were available to answer questions from the audience in a live Q&A.

After the event, the exhibition area remained open for another month. So everyone could inform themselves extensively about the drinkable food, download recipes and watch the recording of the lectures.

The feedback from organisers and participants was overwhelming. We are grateful for the good cooperation and the many conceptual and creative freedoms that the B. Braun team gave us.

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