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To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

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Conferences: Landing page

For effective visitor marketing, not only can the event be promoted as a whole, but the system automatically creates a separate landing page for each conference set. With the conference landing page, it is possible for a potential visitor to register directly for the conference just by entering their email address.

The registration process / use of the variables for the activation link

A visitor who registers for a conference via the conference landing page can either be an already registered visitor or a new visitor to the event. Every visitor who registers for a conference receives an email confirmation.

Registration for the event:

The registration of a new visitor must first be confirmed via an activation link. When registering, the variable [unlock link] is used for this purpose (expo-CMS: Trade fairs -> Edit trade fair -> Texts tab).

Conference registration

If, on the other hand, the registration was made via a conference landing page, the variable [landingpage] must be inserted in the "Mail Text for Registration" (expo-CMS: Conferences -> Edit Conference). The visitor is then also registered for the event at the same time.

Example of a mail text for registration using "DiMarEx" as an example:

Dear DiMarEx visitor,
glad you have registered for the lecture "[titel]". Please log in to DiMarEx on time. Start of the conference is: [konf_start].


Here you can log in directly at [conf_start]: [conference_url]
Enclosed you will also find a corresponding entry for your calendar.

We wish you many new insights!

Your DiMarEx Orga Team


The variable [landingpage] is automatically filled in by expo-IP when a new visitor registers via the conference landing page.



You have registered for "EXPO-IP Demo Fair" on "5 Reasons Why Smart B2B Marketers Host Digital Events". To complete your registration, please click this confirmation link and enter your personal password: https://demo.expo-ip.com/freischalten/Wdv9XuX6Nq

New visitor: Upon activation by the visitor, all data required for a complete registration of the visitor to the event will be requested.

Returning visitor: When a visitor who has previously unlocked their registration logs in, no text is filled in for the [landingpage] variable.

Action: Upon registration, the conference is automatically sorted into the visitor's dashboard under "My Agenda".


Video - Email configuration - Registration process



Building a conference landing page:


The blurred background graphic of the stand where the conference was created is used as the background.


The title of the conference is used

Picture / Caption

The conference image and the title entered for the image are displayed.

Brief description

The short description of the conference is displayed


The start date and time of the conference are displayed.

Privacy policy

A link is provided to the organiser's data protection policy.

The link to a conference landing page

The link to a conference landing page is composed as follows:


Use of the link in the social networks

The URL to a conference landing page can be used in social networks such as LinkedIN, Facebook etc.. For this purpose, EXPO-IP automatically creates the META data used by the networks (image, title, short description, link).

The following video shows the settings, display and exemplary use on LinkedIN