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To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

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Conferences - Overview

Use any system for holding conferences

EXPO-IP will take care of the presentation and participant management.

Create a conference in the expo-IP CMS
The conference concept of expo-IP offers organisers enormous flexibility. Conferences can be used for webinars, web conferences, live streams but also live simulations or interactive workshops. With the right strategy, participation in lectures and workshops can also be realised for a fee.

ALL systems that can be accessed via a URL can be used - e.g. online seminars / online meetings and live streams.

Known solutions are e.g.

  • Zoom
  • WebEX
  • Adobe Connect
  • GoToWebinar
  • GoToMeeting
  • Webinarjam
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

.... and many many more.

However, individual solutions can also be integrated. expo-IP delivers the set conference URL to the visitor 10 minutes before the start of a conference in order to reach the actual target system.

This means that the target system can still be changed shortly before the start of the conference. In advance, expo-IP manages the conference overview, the visitor's individual agenda and the visitor registrations.

The display of the conferences set in expo-IP is controlled via the "ConferenceList" widget. The widget isavailablefor all virtual exhibition stands as well as for the entrance of the virtual event.

As with almost all expo-IP widgets, it is first necessary to enter the actual content - in this case the conferences. For more information, see "Creating a conference in the EXPO-IP CMS".

In principle, conferences can be recorded for all stands and are then available for display in each ConferenceList widget. This means that all the conferences entered end up in a large "pot" and can be assigned to the stand where they are to be displayed.

To display conferences on a stand, the ConferenceList widget is configured on the stand. Using drag and drop, all desired conferences from the entire conference list are added to the widget. All selected conferences are then available on the stand. In the desktop area, expo-IP first displays the next two upcoming conferences (in chronological order). In the mobile area, all selected future conferences are displayed in chronological ascending order.

In the display of the "Conference List" widget, a link "To Stand" is displayed that links to the stand that was entered in the CMS as "Stand Redirect" in the conference setting. This ONLY applies if the visitor is not already at exactly this stand (Stand Redirect) - in this case the link "To Stand.

The EXPO-IP system offers organisers the option of also displaying all conferences in the visitor's personal dashboard. This function is activated when the "ConferenceList" widget is entered at the entrance to the trade fair. All conferences selected here will be listed in the visitor's personal dashboard in the "Overview" tab. The visitor can now transfer any conference of his choice directly in the dashboard to his personal area under "My Agenda" by clicking the "Register" button.

In the following example, we would like to display ALL conferences in the visitor's dashboard - at an exhibition stand, however, only 2 conferences are to be displayed.

"ConferenceList" at the entrance to the fair

First, the widget "ConferenceList" is to be set at the entrance of the virtual event so that ALL conferences are displayed in the visitor's personal dashboard. In addition, the desktop user is to be shown the next two conferences via a button and the mobile user all conferences in the list view. This behaviour is the default setting for the widget.

Menu -> Measure ->Input tab -> Create new widget -> Enter tooltip -> Select widget type ConferenceList, Save.

If you do not want a widget on the exhibition entrance image - uncheck "Desktop". If you do not want a list of conferences on mobile devices - uncheck "Mobile".

This can be useful, as visitors to trade fairs that require registration can view the conference list in their personal dashboard on both desktop and mobile devices.

Please make sure that you have selected "Show all" for Dashboard Status in the general settings of the fair.

The result in the visitor's dashboard

"ConferenceList" at any stand

Now, at any given trade fair stand, only two conferences are to be displayed for the desktop and for the mobile visitor.

Menu -> Stands -> Edit Stand -> Add new widget ConferenceList -> drag and drop from the list of all available conferences (left, pale yellow) to the list of conferences to be displayed (right, pale green) -> Save

The result in the desktop view

The result in the mobile view

The presentation and registrations for conferences is completely independent of the selected target system with which the conferences (online meetings, live streams, live simulation) are actually held.