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Maik Breilmann, EXPO-IP GmbH

Recording Webinar | Duration: 60 minutes

Hybrid events: A combination of "tried and true" and "new learning

Whether purely digital or hybrid - the trend is clear: according to studies, the market for hybrid events will increase by over 30% - and not just because a next "wave", rising energy costs or other ungracious factors leave us no choice. Hybrid events combine presence events with a virtual variant.

A hybrid concept definitely offers potential for maximum reach! Those who are now looking for a suitable solution can sit back and relax. expo-IP offers a variety of options for implementing hybrid formats.

This must offer a platform (at least!)

  • 100% DSGVO compliant
  • personalized visitor tracking
    - i.e. real-time tracking of visitors
  • an integrated messenger for online communication
  • individual design possibilities
  • Easy integration of the entire platform into your website
  • and much more.

Practice - no theory! If that's too theoretical for you, take a look at this webinar.

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