expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

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Visitor group authorizations

Access to stands and their content/services can be restricted via filter rules. The filter rules can refer to both standard visitor data and extended registration data (custom fields). Any number of fields can be created to build the filter rules. If multiple fields are used for the filter rules, the conditions are linked with logical "and".


- Company is EXPO-IP GmbH
- VIP? is "Yes

If this filter rule has been created, it will allow visitors to access the contents of the stands of this hall if the value "Yes" is entered in the Company field "EXPO-IP GmbH" AND in the VIP? field.

Example / use case

In addition to the areas that can be used with and without login, another area "VIP" will be provided. Only visitors with the value "Yes" in the VIP? custom field will be able to use this area. "Yes" will be offered the content.

To achieve this, the "Login required" option is deactivated in the default setting. Stands that should only be accessible after a successful login are assigned to halls that require a login. Stands that should only be accessible through additional filter rules are assigned to halls where corresponding filter rules have been set.

1. deactivate option "Login required

2. configure hall with "registration required".

3. configure hall with "Login required" and filter rule VIP? is "Yes". The filter settings of a hall is reached via:

Menu item Halls -> Edit -> "Filter" tab

Dialog in case of unauthorized access

If a visitor wants to access an area to which he has no access due to the filter rules, a corresponding notice is displayed.

The desired title and content of the note is set under:

Menu item Fair -> Texts -> Deny title and text for access

The input fields for title and text can be filled with any individual messages and links.