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BRAUN EN WEEK - Get in Touch with the Other World of Live Experience!

9 thematic rooms, 27 conferences and 1,700 participants from 35 countries

Real encounters at trade fairs have long since ceased to be the only way to maintain contacts across many kilometres and to create a lively exchange. Virtual live events offer the chance to break all the rules of real environments. With one click in another world? Sure. Jump straight from a live video conference with colleagues into a futuristic atmosphere? No problem.

This is what happened at B. Braun Melsungen AG's internal EN Week in the fall of 2020, which broke down the spatial boundaries of the ordinary and invited visitors into a world of its own centered around the topic of clinical nutrition.

The aim was to create a global forum with event character and input lectures with open discussion rounds. The result was impressive. A complete success thanks to our full service repertoire.

Virtual World: The Future of Enteral Nutrition

Under the motto "The Future of Enteral Nutrition", the user experienced a future world on the screen, both thematically and visually, which intelligently links the unknown and the familiar.

The staged landscape and architecture of the event created an ambience that aroused curiosity for new discoveries. Visitors moved through a virtual world that staged the motto in such a way that the boundaries of the familiar were suspended.

Conferences and trade fair stands became an experience for the user that could create a sense of community even at a distance. Different navigation options gave visitors the necessary orientation in the unknown, so that all participants could concentrate on important information, the exchange of ideas and new international contacts.

"It was a week full of great vibes, great ideas, wonderful exchange and a lot of creative input from so many people."

(Feedback B. Braun Melsungen AG)

Sharing expertise in the digital age

In addition to the virtual conferences, there were numerous options for exchange for the visitors. The organiser team and conference participants enjoyed the interaction via Q&A, live chat and meet & greet collaboration tool. Networking with live exchange is thus also possible from the comfort of one's home. Even the short break with a casual conversation was not in the way.

Spontaneous ideas were collected centrally on a virtual whiteboard. With the keynote "Let's exchange ideas", any physical distance became a secondary matter.

Content is King - Performance is Queen

The positive effect of the creatively created virtual illusion triggered a spark of ideas and enthusiasm among the participants of the international conference.

The consistently positive feedback after a week packed with new impressions, information and the lively exchange beyond the virtual live event confirms the commitment of all participants. Last but not least, the excellent server performance contributed to the secure functioning of the international conference.

The project shows once again that virtual events can become not only a supplement or a hybrid twin, but also the equivalent of real encounters, if the involvement and the experience are pushed according to the format.

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Braun EN Week - The Future of Enteral Nutrition

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