EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

Für die Nutzung des EXPO-IP CMS benötigen Sie einen beliebigen aktuellen Browser, der fehlerfrei den aktuellen HTML5 Standard unterstützt. Hierzu zählt NICHT der Browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Widget Types and Their Uses

The following describes the particular attributes of the various available widget types.


The most comprehensive widget is the one called „Infobox.“ It allows to make all your media and their descriptions available in one central location.

In our example, we assigned the widget Infobox the name „Download Center;“ the tool tip received the same name. The title or headline inside the Infobox is captured in the field „Infobox title“ and in our example reads „Vorteile Ihres digitalen Events“ (benefits of your digital event).

To populate the Infobox „Download Center“ with media, the previously uploaded media is dragged into the right, green area (drag & drop) – see the graphic below.

The navigation structure within the Infobox is generated automatically and depends on the media you add into the Infobox.

  • If only a description but no media file is added, no navigation button is generated.
  • If at least one file is added, an „Info“ button is generated.
  • If pdf documents are added, a „Documents“ button is generated in addition to the once entitled „Info.“
  • If video files are added, a „Videos“ button is generated in addition to „Info“ one.
  • If image files are added, a „Gallery“ button is generated in addition to „Info“ one.

An Infobox populated with videos and documents is displayed to the visitor as follows.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow reveals the description of the integrated media.


If you would like to offer the visitor a document for download (possible only in pdf format), you use the widget „Download“ and select the appropriate file from the list of previously uploaded pdf documents.

Local Video

If you have previously uploaded videos to your virtual booth, you select the appropriate file in the widget „Local Video.“

Youtube Video

To incorporate videos that you have uploaded to Youtube, you enter solely the video ID in the field „Youtube Video ID“ – not the entire URL.

The ID of a Youtube video is displayed at the end of the Youtube video URL and typically consists of letters and numbers.

Go to the Youtube web site and call up the desired video. Copy only the video ID shown in the URL, (not the entire URL).

Vimeo Video

To include Vimeo videos, please use the same process as for Youtube videos.

Please ensure that you only use videos for which you have the appropriate license rights.


Select all the images that you would like to use with the widget „Gallery.“

Candidature (Job Application)

The field „Describing text for upload field“ is used to list which documentation a job applicant should submit, and you can also provide your potential new coworker the opportunity to send you a message. For this purpose you provide the email address where applications should be sent.

Conference List

If you offer live webinars or live streams at your booth, you enter their descriptions and conference graphics in the area „Conferences.“ These texts and images will be displayed at your booth as announcements by using the widget „Conference List“ (displayed are always the next two upcoming entries). If NO conferences are manually assigned to this widget, ALL conferences entered for your booth will automatically be connected to the widget. If only selected conferences are to be displayed, they have to manually and individually be added from the list of all available conferences by dragging them into the appropriate field.


The widget „Link“ supports only links to web sites that are SSL encrypted, use the HTTPS procotol, and are designed 100% responsive. Please also keep in mind that your web site has to be compliant with the current EU data privacy regulations.

External web sites can be linked in two different ways: 

  1. Recommended option: your web site opens directly at your booth within an iFrame. Visitors are not leaving your booth, but can still view and navigate the external web site.
  2. Not recommended option: Selecting the check box „Not by iFrame“ results in your visitor leaving your booth and virtual exhibition when the link is clicked. A warning to that regard will be displayed to the user.

Additional widgets …

… like „FairhallList,“ „LinkInternal,“ „LinkFairhall,“ or „StandList“ are exclusively for operators of exhibitions and not for use by exhibitors.