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Virtual Booth – General Overview

The following introduction to populate a virtual exhibition stand or booth gives a general overview of available functions and their possible uses. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions HERE.

A virtual exhibition booth essentially consists of three components:

  • Background image
  • Widgets for the provision and presentation of media
  • Contact information and interactions with the visitor

Before you start setting up your booth, it is advisable to plan which information (media) should be provided to visitors at which locations on the background image. These media are positioned on the image using so-called “widgets.”

Background Image (note the dimensions)

The background image of a virtual exhibition booth is a picture (format: JPG, PNG or GIF) with the following dimensions:

  • Width 1920 px
  • Height 1136 px

For example, to be able to play a video at the position of the monitor on the background image above, a video widget is positioned. Different widget types are available for displaying videos (see section: Widget Types). A video previously uploaded in the „Media“ menu is assigned to the widget. If, for example, a document (pdf) is to be available for download at a different spot of the background image, the corresponding widget “Download” is chosen. A pdf previously uploaded to the menu “Media” is then assigned to the widget.

Different media and functions can be provided at any location of the graphic via the widgets. The following graphic outlines where in our example different widgets should be positioned.

A pulsating circle indicates the position of a widget. It is the signal to the visitor that at this spot additional media are available.

As every widget is assigned a certain medium or information, it is advisable that all necessary media and information be uploaded under the menu „Media“ before the widgets are positioned.