EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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Making Protected Documents Available

At your booth, you can make a variety of information available to your visitors. In addition to texts, images and videos, you can offer pfd documents for download.

You can add an informative description to each media file that is also displayed to visitors by the search function of the EXPO-IP platform. Additionally, you can add meta tags to pdf documents that the search engine is also able to find. For example, you could add meta tags to job offers so that corresponding pdf documents will be displayed directly to interested visitors.

In addition you have the option to make protected documents (so-called PREMIUM documents) available to visitors. These are documents you do not want to be accessed anonymously, but instead only after you have captured the visitor’s contact data (name, email address). These documents could be whitepapers, eBooks, etc.

Entering a check mark in „Only after confirmation“ for your document file allows the user to download the file only after giving his permission in the appropriate dialog box that EXPO-IP may send the visitor’s contact information to the booth operator who is making the document available. This function applies to the widgets „Download“ and „Infobox“ as well as in the central area of search results.

Please note: To use this function, it is essential that your email address be entered in the tab „Contact information“ of your booth. Otherwise EXPO-IP cannot forward the contact information to you.
The function „Only after confirmation“ is available solely for pdf documents. Name and email address of the visitor who downloaded the document are captured and forwarded.