EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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Messaging a Visitor (Contact Request)

During the set-up of an exhibition, the operator has the option to allow the booth exhibitors to see a list of all exhibition visitors and to send any of them a message (contact request) within the exhibition system, provided the visitor has given his consent hereto in his profile set-up. The organizer also has the option to set up logins for exhibitor contact persons („Contactor“). A contact person is able to send a message (contact request) to visitors – but not to edit the booth.

If the exhibition organizer has enabled the function to send contact requests to visitors, the booth operator will have the menu choice „Visitor“ in the left navigation menu.

This menu choice allows to display ALL exhibition visitors. Clicking on an envelope symbol on the right-hand side opens a window in which a message can be composed.

Enter here the subject and content of your message. Once sent, the message will be added to the visitor’s dashboard where he can delete the message or reply to it. In addition, the EXPO-IP platform notifies visitors that a message is waiting for them in the dashboard. If a visitor responds to a contact request, the visitor also has to confirm his consent that the message including his contact data will be submitted to the booth operator or his contact person. Only after this step is completed will the booth operator or his contact person receive an email with the original contact request, the response as well as the contact information of the visitor.

From this point on, possible further communication takes place outside of the EXPO-IP platform.