EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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Visitor Registration – EXPO-IP, Landing Page, XING

Registration can be set up in three different ways:

  1. Directly on the EXPO-IP platform
  2. On an external landing page with the use of a webhook
  3. On a XING Events page with the use of a webhook

The following describes the general configuration of the EXPO-IP as well as each of the three registration options.


General configuration of the EXPO-IP system

Events that are geared towards lead generation should definitely require visitor registration. EXPO-IP nonetheless offers the option to allow anonymous access to an event (if activated by the organizer), which is not addressed in the following instructions.

The registration process can be configured in the menu area „Events“ in the „General“ tab that opens by default. Here you have to check „Registration required“ and „Activation required.“ Checking the „Activation required“ box initializes the double opt-in method required by the the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

General settings – texts

Upon registering, a visitor receives an email with a link to activate the registration. The text for this email is entered under the menu item „Events“ under the tab „Messages“ in the field „Text for registration email.“ It is imperative that the variable [freischaltlink] be included in the text as the system will automatically fill this variable with the activation link. Additionally, variables are available for title „[titel]“, first name „[vorname]“ and last name „[nachname]“ to personally address your visitors.

In the case that registration will take place directly through the EXPO-IP system, the visitor also received a notification about his successful registration. The text for this email in the same „Messages“ tab in the field „Text after successful registration.“

Extended registration

By default, the following data is required during registration::

  • Salutation – Anrede
  • Title – Titel
  • First Name – Vorname
  • Last Name – Nachname
  • Email address – Email Adresse

Should additional data be desired, check the box „Use extended registration“ in the tab „General.“ During direct registration on the EXPO-IP platform, the user will be presented all fields, including any extended registration fields. If registration is handled through an external landing page or a XING EVENTS site using a webhook, the user will have to complete the extended registration fields during login on the EXPO-IP platform.

To add additional registration fields to those required by default, select „Events“ in the left navigation menu and then click on the tab „Extended registration.“

Create a new field by clicking on the „+“ symbol and then enter a name (title) for the newly created field. If you want the new field to be a mandatory field, check the option „Required“. If booth operators (exhibitors) are to be able to view and export the information collected by this new field, check the option „Release for exhibitor“

Extended registration field for „tawk.to“ chat

If you use tawk.to as your chat tool within the EXPO-IP system and you selected the option „Show in chat“, the content of this variable will be shown in tawk.to (realzime ststistic).

Registration directly on the EXPO-IP system

The link to the direct registration in the EXPO-IP system is as follows: https://messename.expo-ip.com/registrieren.

In visitor statistics, „expo“ will automatically be entered as the source for the registration data. Unlike with registrations performed on an external landing page, campaign performance evaluation will not be possible.


Registration on an external landing page

Visitor registration on an external landing page will be managed by a webhook.This means that the registration information has to be transferred by this mechanism to the EXPO-IP system.

The webhook for the registration is as follows:https://messename.expo-ip.com/registrieren?api_key=APIKEY&source=Kampagne

The API key of the exhibition/event can be found in the „Events“ menu under the tab „Developer settings.“ The parameter source is optional and is used to evaluate the performance of targeted marketing campaigns.

Example of a valid webhook: https://messename.expo-ip.com/registrieren?api_key=E8344ED2F1AFB4368264352864A91