EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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Webhook for External Registration

The following information is designed for web site administrator. If you are not experienced with the creation of HTML forms, please turn to your web site administrator for help.

For the registration of exhibition visitors, an HTML form can be used on an external landing page. The „POST“ method needs to be used to send the necessary parameters to the EXPO-IP webhook. The webhook URL is comprised as follows:

https://MESSENAME.expo-ip.com/registrieren?api_key=API_KEY(&source=QUELLE – optional)

Der MESSENAME (name of the event) is the subdomain of expo-ip.com

The API_KEY can be found in the EXPO-IP „Events“ menu under the tab „Developer settings.“

If the optional paramater source=QUELLE is utilized, the entry after source= will be shown in the Statistics of Visitors in EXPO-IP

The applicable POST parameters:

Required fields:

  • email: E-Mail Adresse (varchar)
  • firstname: Vorname (string)
  • lastname: Nachname (string)

Additional, optional fields:

  • User[salutation]: 1 or 2 (Mr./Mrs.) (integer)
  • User[title]: Title (string)

Any additional, optional parameters for the webhook are added after the field the api_key. 

  • source: reference to where the user performed the registration