EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

Für die Nutzung des EXPO-IP CMS benötigen Sie einen beliebigen aktuellen Browser, der fehlerfrei den aktuellen HTML5 Standard unterstützt. Hierzu zählt NICHT der Browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Navigation Menu Set-up

Aside from the navigation options widgets provide, a simple navigation menu can be created. In the following example, five menu items are configured:.

  • Start page of the exhibition (DIMAREX)
  • Link to a booth (LOBBY)
  • Link to a booth (CONFERENCE STAGE)
  • Link to a hall (EXHIBITOR)
  • Link to an external site that will also displayed and be selectable when an exhibition is closed.

Menu item properties

Menu item properties are defined with the help of an entry form. The content of the field „Name“ will appear in CAPITAL LETTERS in the menu. The field „booth“ is for the entry of the URL to which clicking the menu item will send you. An internal link will be comprised of the following:

  • For a booth: /stand/STANDID – Example: /stand/1026
  • For a hall: /messehalle/HallenID – Example: /messehalle/1
  • F0r die start page: /

External links require a complete URL to be entered – Example: https://www.dimarex.de

Menu items are manually numbered to determine their order. If the „Status“ is set to „Live,“ menu items will be displayed in ascending order.