EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

Für die Nutzung des EXPO-IP CMS benötigen Sie einen beliebigen aktuellen Browser, der fehlerfrei den aktuellen HTML5 Standard unterstützt. Hierzu zählt NICHT der Browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.


Important Notices About the Use of the (WYSIWYG) Editor

For various fields, the EXPO-IP CMS offers a WYSIWYG editor that allows for the formatting of text. Please note that content should never be created by copying and pasting text from, for example, MS Word or other web sites into the text fields. This could import format settings that are possibly not suitable for web sites and could result in display errors on the EXPO-IP web site.

Use of the HTML Mode
Various entry fields can be edited in „HTML Mode“ to allow for entering of HTML code. This mode should solely be used by users with HTML experience. Creating HTML code manually bears the risk of violating data privacy regulations, infringing copyrights or jeopardizing data security.
We must point out that EXPO-IP cannot provide support for the use of the HTML mode and possibly resulting errors.

If you, for example, would like to include a link to external media (images, videos, etc.), please ensure that the dimensions meet the requirements set by EXPO-IP to guarantee the correct display of the media. Should media files that are incorporated via the HTML mode be moved or deleted from their original location, they can no longer be displayed

Images (Dimensions)

To ensure a uniform layout on all end user devices, it is imperative that formats and dimensions of background images and logos conform to the requirements.

Die background graphic on the start page (entrance) or for a virtual booth is an image (formats: JPG, PNG or GIF) with the following dimensions:

  • Width 1920 px
  • Height 1136 px

Logos of the exhibition or booths are images (formats: JPG, PNG or GIF) with the following dimensions:

  • Width 350 px
  • Height 200 px

State of Delivery

The EXPO-IP user platform contains examples of various kinds to make it easy for organizers to configure and design their events. To that end, placeholders are placed in the media areas for background images for the start page, lobby, and stage. You will also find a placeholder for a logo. Possible example texts, just like the images, should by customized for each event.

Image Templates

Background images for the start page, lobby, and stage as well as five virtual booths are provided as modifiable Photoshop files. These can be customized to your individual needs and utilized without limitations for your virtual event on the EXPO-IP platform. Utilization outside the EXPO-IP platform is PROHIBITED.

Data Privacy Statement

A data privacy statement compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is provided with the EXPO-IP user platform and integrated in the appropriate areas. Nonetheless, the user has to check the privacy statement if it is applicable to the specific event or may have to be modified or amended (for example, if you want to use an analysis system other than Google Analytics). CAUTION: Entry of a Google Analytics property is reserved for organizers only.