EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

Für die Nutzung des EXPO-IP CMS benötigen Sie einen beliebigen aktuellen Browser, der fehlerfrei den aktuellen HTML5 Standard unterstützt. Hierzu zählt NICHT der Browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Exhibition Set-up – Messages

Under the tab „Messages,“ texts are entered for the following:

  • Welcome text during event runtime – possibly information about the event
  • Title of the info box showing welcome message during off hours – the headline of the superimposed info box (pop-up window) that is shown to a visitor during the hours when the event is closed
  • Welcome text outside event runtime – text shown in the info box during off hours
  • Contact information – field for the organizer’s contact information
  • Imprint – organizer’s imprint information
  • Privacy policy for downloads – brief privacy policy notice for the download of a protected document (= document in exchange for contact information)
  • Privacy policy – contains the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant privacy policy
  • GTC – optional, for the organizer’s General Terms and Conditions
  • Subject for registration email – refers to the registration confirmation sent to the visitor after registering
  • Text for registration email – for personalized content sent to the visitor after registering; should include a link to activate the account
  • Text after successful registration – displayed on the visitor’s screen after completed registration
  • Reminder title – subject of a manually pushed reminder email to ALL registered visitors
  • Reminder email text – content of manually pushed reminder email to ALL registered visitors; should include the parameter [systemhinweis]

The following addresses texts in which variables for possible personalization or system messages/links should be used.

Text for Registration Email

For events that require registration, it is advisable to use the double opt-in method. After registration, the visitor receives a registration email with a link to be followed to activate the visitor account for the event. Without a click on the personalized activation link, the visitor is not registered for the event.

The following variables are at your disposal for the email to the visitor:

  • [vorname] – the system will insert the visitor’s first name
  • [nachname] – the system will insert the visitor’s last name
  • [freischaltlink] – the system will insert the link to the visitor’s account activation


Example text (for the virtual exhibition „DiMarEx“):

Welcome, [vorname] [nachname],

You have successfully registered for the DiMarEx. We would like to protect you from spam and ensure that your registration was not initiated by a bot. For this purpose, we would like to ask you to confirm your registration by clicking the following link, which will activate your login.

The following is your personal activation link for the DiMarEx:

When you register for a presentation on the DiMarEx, you will immediately receive your personal access information via email and also a reminder email one hour before presentation begin.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, our customer support team will always be at your disposal (see contact information below).

Kind regards,

Your Event Team

P.S. After you have activated your account, please set up your personal password. Afterwards, once the exhibition has started, you can log in at https://veranstaltung.expo-ip.com with your email address and the password you have chosen.

Your event organizer:

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 7
64293 Darmstadt
Telefon: +49 (0)6151 800 21 81
E-Mail: info@expo-ip.com

Text for Reminder Email

Organizers can manually push reminder emails to registered visitors. Given the double opt-in method, registrations can be at different stages. Some visitors may not yet have activated their accounts, have activated their accounts without having set-up their passwords, or have completed the registration process completely. The reminder email text should correlate with the stage of the registration and include the appropriate request for action. So that the organizer does not have to worry about the stage of the registration when setting up the reminder email, the variable [systemhinweis] is available – in addition to [vorname], [nachname] – and should be used in the reminder email.

Example text:

Hello, [vorname] [nachname],

The following program is available on the web conference: 

h09:00 – Agenda item 1
h10:00 – Agenda item 2
h11:00 – Agenda item 3


Kind regards,
Your Event Team


Display Examples Using the Event DiMarEx

Welcome text during event runtime

Title / welcome text outside event runtime

Text for contact information and imprint