EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

Für die Nutzung des EXPO-IP CMS benötigen Sie einen beliebigen aktuellen Browser, der fehlerfrei den aktuellen HTML5 Standard unterstützt. Hierzu zählt NICHT der Browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Exhibition Set-up – General

Start the administration of your virtual event with the general presets. After logging in to the CMS, select „Events“ from the left navigation menu.


Entry form for the first general settings

The tabs

General – all general information and functions of your virtual event are captured here.

Entrance – to customize your start page

Texts – texts for confirmation of registration, data privacy statement, imprint, etc.

Developer Settings  – no edits allowed (the API key for use in other applications is displayed here) 

Do not send calendar file

With the registration confirmation, the EXPO-IP system sends an email to the visitor with the text that is captured under the tab „Texts.“ At the same time, the system can send a calendar file (.ics) that allows visitors the import into their own calendar and the potential use of their calendar’s reminder function. For events that last for a longer period of time (for instance, several days) NO calendar file should be sent as visitors hardly would like to block their calendar for several days or even an entire week for an event. Therefore, in this case, you would select the check box „Do not send calendar file.“

Use extended registration

The registration form of the exhibition platform can be expanded by several fields to allow for the capture of any desired visitor information during the registration process. To that end, select the check box „Extended registration.“ For events requiring registration, the system requests by default the salutation, first name, last name, email address and password of the visitor.

If „Extended registration“ is checked, an additional tab entitled „Extended registration“ is displayed. Under this tab, add the desired additional registration fields. The check box „Show in chat“ can only be selected for one additional registration field.

Exhibitor can send messages to user

If the the booth exhibitor or his contact person („Contactor“) should have the permission to send messages to visitors within the EXPO-IP CMS, please check the option „Exhibitor can send messages to users.

With this option enabled, the exhibitor or his contact person will see a new menu item entitled „Visitor“ in the EXPO-IP CMS. Clicking on this menu button allows the exhibitor to see ALL event visitors with the option to send a message to any one of them within the platform.

Also, the visitor’s profile area in the dashboard will be expanded with an additional tab entitled „Messages“ where incoming messages can be viewed, deleted, or responded to. The visitor can, however, also categorically deny the consent to be sent messages.

The contact initiation process

The booth operator or his contact person sends a message to a visitor which will be deposited in the visitor’s personal dashboard. EXPO-IP notifies the visitor with an email that a message from an exhibitor has arrived. From the dashboard, the registered visitor can respond to the message, ignore it or delete it. If the visitor responds, EXPO-IP sends an email to the exhibitor or his contact person with the original message, the visitor’s reply and email address. Any subsequent communication between exhibitor and visitor will then take place outside the EXPO-IP platform.

The contact request function is available ONLY ONCE PER VISITOR and only if the visitor has not denied his consent to being contacted.

Default language

Please select the language that should be used for your event. (The selected language will also be applied to the EXPO-IP CMS.)


Enter here the email address of the exhibition organizer. This email address will be displayed on the exhibition entrance page in the area „Contacts“ and will be a „mailto:“ link.

Event/Exhibition Logo

Select here the logo file for your event. This file has to first be uploaded in the area „Media.“ Please refer to the documentation for exhibitors and organizers in the area Step-by-Step Instructions.

Alternate URL for visitor registration (event landing page)

This field is where you would enter the URL of an alternate landing page if you want to use a landing page outside of the EXPO-IP platform for visitor registration. How to connect an external landing page or XING event site to the EXPO-IP system is explained in the area „Webhook for External Registration„.

Registration required / Activation required

While you can allow anonymous visits of your event, meaning without registration, the use of the interactive portions of the EXPO-IP platform does require registration. Check both the options „Registration required“ and „Activation required.“ Checking the option „Activation required“ enables the double opt-in registration that may be required by data privacy regulations.

Alternate Analytics Tool

If you would like to use a different analytics tool, enter the code (typically JavaScript) of the tool here. To obtain the correct code, inquire with the developer of the analytics tool you wish to use.

Chat selection / Chat integration

Not only the exhibitors can use a chat tool in their own virtual booths. Also you, the organizer, can integrate chat into your event. If you wish to use a global chat for your entire event, please select the option „Display service chat on every booth.“ Please note that in this case only the chat type can be used that you configure under „Select chat“ and „Chat implementation.“ The integration of service chats happens simultaneously with the integration of chats as is described in the Documentation for Exhibitors and Organizers in the area Virtual Booth – Chat Integration.