EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

Für die Nutzung des EXPO-IP CMS benötigen Sie einen beliebigen aktuellen Browser, der fehlerfrei den aktuellen HTML5 Standard unterstützt. Hierzu zählt NICHT der Browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

Exhibition Set-up – Entrance

A virtual event needs a start page, which we can configure under the tab „Entrance.“ Just like for a virtual booth, the entrance consists of a background graphic on which buttons (widgets) are placed that provide information or media. The event entrance is configured the same way as a booth. The event entrance is a booth named „fair.“

As described in the documentation under „Virtual Booth – Step-by-step Instructions“ the background image for the entrance is uploaded by clicking „Media“ in the navigation menu and assigned to the booth „fair.“ Afterwards the image is available and widgets can be placed at the desired locations of the graphic.

All widgets are available for use at the entrance (booth „fair“). The widgets are explained in the documentation „For Exhibitors and Organizers.“
(Please see Virtual Booth – Step-by-step Instructions and Types of Widgets and Their Uses). The following are additional widgets that are useful on the start page:

  • ConferenceList
  • FairhallList
  • LinkFairhall
  • LinkInternal
  • RecordingList
  • StandList

These widgets and their uses are described in the following.


The widget ConferenceList displays all current and future conferences of the virtual exhibition. This widget cannot be freely placed, but is shown as a button at the top left edge of the background image. In the following graphic, ConferenceList is named „Conferences.“ If a visitor clicks on the button, the next two scheduled conferences are displayed.

The widget ConferenceList (here: Conferences) at the entrance has the additional function of displaying the conferences assigned to the widget in the personal dashboard of the visitors. If the widget was not manually assigned individual conferences, ALL conferences of the exhibition are automatically allocated. If only selected conferences should be displayed, they have to be manually assigned to the widget by selecting them from the list of all available conferences and dragging them into the appropriate field.


The widget FairhallList provides the visitor with an overview of all existing exhibition halls. This widget is ideal to use if a virtual exhibition is thematically or otherwise structured across several exhibition halls.


This widget allows to position a link that – when clicked – sends the visitor directly to a specific exhibition hall where he is automatically presented with a list of all available booths.


The widget LinkInternal serves to create a direct link to a specific virtual booth, for instance, a premium partner’s booth. It is optional to use a graphic to show an exhibition area on which the LinkInternal widget can be placed to provide links to specific areas (for example, booths).


Similar to the ConferenceList, recordings of passed conferences can be made available to visitors through their dashboards. Only conferences are listed that terminated at least one hour prior.


The StandList widget shows visitors a list of all active booths.