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  • Messaging via WhatsApp, email, text, and other rules-based messaging automation
  • internal team chat
  • Use of GDPR-compliant software interfaces and infrastructure


  • Conduct high-volume customer communications via WhatsApp, email or text
  • automated hyper-personalized messaging
  • Collaborative work with your sales and marketing team
  • GDPR compliance

SuperX GmbH
Oranienburger Street 91
10178 Berlin

Mr. Jonas Südfels
E-mail: jonas@superchat.de

Superchat App - Personalized Customer Communication for Your Virtual Trade Show

Superchat is a customer communication platform focused on timely and personalized customer communications via WhatsApp, email, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram and SMS. Our innovative interface enables small and medium-sized teams to manage face-to-face communication with leads and customers without having to learn a new software tool. Teams benefit from collaboration features directly in Superchat.

With Superchat, marketeers and sales reps can have face-to-face conversations at virtual trade shows or conduct follow-ups. Our rule-based chat automation makes outreach and tailored responses effortless. What's more, all communication via Superchat is fully GDPR compliant, as the software is hosted on servers in Germany and uses the WhatsApp API and other privacy-friendly interfaces.