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  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Livestream
  • Online conference
  • Hybrid events


  • Save travel expenses
  • Save hotel costs
  • Bookable at short notice
  • cheaper than on-site hardware


Qonda- BeMi Virtuell GmbH
Am Gänsberg 37
65207 Wiesbaden

Mr Mike Bertsch
Phone :+49611-23601230
E-mail : sales@goqonda.io


The innovative remote interpretation software, interprets your livestreams, breakout rooms or online meetings into an infinite number of languages by connecting interpreters from all over the world.

With Qonda, interpreters are brought in from all over the world to simultaneously interpret hybrid events and online events of all kinds into an infinite number of languages. We work worldwide for medium-sized businesses, corporations and international organisations. You have the option of using your own, proven interpreters via Qonda. In addition, our broad network of certified interpreters is available for booking.

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