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  • Top pages
  • Top Click Events
  • Click paths
  • Analysis of individual sessions
  • Segmentation according to individual profile information


Evaluation of the number of visits and interaction with different media and content. Allocation of interests and engagement to specific visitors, if matching with login data takes place.


etracker GmbH
Erste Brunnenstrasse 1,
20459, Hamburg

Olaf, Brandt
Phone : +494055565950
E-mail: brandt@etracker.com

etracker Analytics - Web Analysis

DSGVO-compliant web analytics without consent requirement, as no cookies are used by default, data processing within the EU, automatic IP anonymization, no own use or forwarding to third parties and no cross-provider profiling. Easy implementation thanks to auto-tracking of external link calls, downloads, mailto and telephone links as well as click-event tracking using CSS selectors. Data enrichment possible to assign interactions to specific visitors: Which visitors have viewed which content or clicked on which links?