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  • Web player for embedding
  • Multistreaming to social media channels
  • Video editing in the cloud
  • User statistics


  • Access to the livestream and video material at any time
  • DSGVO-compliant livestreaming platform
  • Very suitable for large audiences
  • Moderated chat as a dialogue tool


Content Flow GmbH
Kiefholzstr. 1
12435 Berlin

Mr Gregor Landwehr
E-mail: gregor@contentflow.net


Contentflow Livestreaming 

Livestreams for many viewers

With the Contentflow add-on, livestreams for large audiences can be integrated with your own player. Here, an unlimited number of livestreams and an unlimited number of stream destinations are possible. In this way, the livestream can also be streamed in parallel to social media channels. The video file is available immediately after the livestream and can be further processed within Contentflow.