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EVIDENT Expo - Digital Upswing

Initial situation: No real fairs because of Corona? That doesn't have to be. In October 2020, EVIDENT GmbH held a virtual trade fair based on the digital event platform from EXPO-IP. At this trade fair, well-known companies from the dental industry were able to present themselves. No one had to travel for it, no mask was needed, an internet connection was completely sufficient. It was a virtual fair with real exhibitors, real lectures, workshops and panel discussions. Via chat, participants were integrated into live discussions among dentists and specialists from the dental industry.

Concept, implementation and execution by Mr. Michel Sperlich. Mr. Sperlich also explains on how the event was accompanied and led to success on the basis of the platform of EXPO-IP, from the first ideas to the evaluation of the statistical data.

Realized by our certified partner

Event start: 29.10.2020


Eberhard-Anheuser-Straße 3
55543 Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Phone: +496718875065
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contact person: Mr Michel Sperlich

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