expo-IP CMS User Manual

To use the expo-IP CMS, you need any current browser that supports the current HTML5 standard without errors. This does NOT include the browser: Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER.

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Use deep links

With the expo-IP deep links, pages (stands) as well as individual widgets placed on a page (at a stand) can be called up directly.

The deeplink URL is composed as follows:


The messename stands for the assigned desired domain (subdomain) of the trade fair. Alternatively, the custom domain of an expo-IP instance can be used.

StandID = The number (ID) of a stand - or its short URL

WidgetID = The number of a widget

hash = The login hash of a visitor.

Example 1 - Custom domain "expo.worldbit.de

Using the following deep link, a visitor who has already been registered via an external participant management is immediately logged in, a page (here: stand ID 1021) is navigated to and a widget - in our case the widget "Infobox" with widget ID 111 - is automatically opened on this page (at this stand).


Our Example 2 - Custom Domain "expo.worldbit.de"

Via the following deep link, a visitor registered via an external participant management is immediately logged in and a page (here: stand ID 1021) is accessed.


Our Example 3 - Custom Domain "expo.worldbit.de"

A visitor directly accesses a page (stand) via the following deep link. If the visitor is not yet logged in - as in our example - the LogIn dialogue opens first. After successful login, the visitor is forwarded to the page (here: stand ID 1021).


Use deeplink URL in widget link

Each deep link can be called up from external pages (e.g. e-mail). If a deep link is to be used within an expo-IP instance, please use the widget "Link" and enter the deep link there.

Since the deep link usually points to the same domain as that of the trade fair instance, expo-IP will open the deep link without opening a new browser tab. If, however, a new browser tab is to be opened, the parameter target=_blank must be added after the deep link.


Widget link on an expoIP instance with the custom domain: https://expo.worldbit.de 

It should NOT open a new browser tab:

A new browser tab should open