EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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You can use any conference service provider of your choice.
EXPO-IP handles the announcement of the conference and participant management.

Conferences – Overview

The EXPO-IP conference function offers organizers tremendous flexibility. You can use conferences for online meetings, web conferences, live streams as well as for live simulations and interactive workshops. With the appropriate strategy, even fee-based participation in presentations and workshops can be conducted.

The EXPO-IP platform itself does not include an application for online meetings, live streams or live simulations. The use of an external service that can be accessed via a URL is required. The following is a sample list of potential service providers:

Online Meetings and Live Streams

  • WebEX
  • Adobe Connect
  • GoToWebinar
  • GoToMeeting
  • Zoom
  • Webinarjam
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

EXPO-IP emails the visitor 10 minutes prior to conference start  the appropriate conference URL needed to access the service provider you have chosen. This allows the change of the service provider until shortly before conference begin. EXPO-IP handles all necessary preparations in terms of conference overview, individual visitor agendas and registrations.

The visualization of the conferences set up on the EXPO-IP platform is managed with the widget “ConferenceList.” This widget is available for use on all virtual booths as well as on the entrance page of the virtual exhibition.

As is the case with nearly all widgets in the EXPO-IP system, it is necessary to first set up the desired content – in this case, the conferences. For further information, please refer to Conferences – Set-up.“

Generally speaking, conferences can be set up for all booths and are then available to be displayed with the use of the ConferenceList – Widget. This means that all conferences essentially are placed in one big „pot“ and can be freely assigned to any booth where they should be displayed.

To display a list of conferences at a virtual booth, the widget „ConferenceList“ is configured at the booth. All desired conferences contained in the list of available conferences are dragged and dropped into the widget. On a desktop, EXPO-IP will always display the next two scheduled conferences in chronological order. On a mobile device; all future conferences are displayed in chronological order.

A link „Go to Booth“ is included in  the display created by the „ConferenceList“ widget. It is a link to the booth that is entered in the CMS during conference set-up under „Booth redirect.“ This is only applicable if the visitor is not already accessing that booth directly, in which case a link will not be made available.

The EXPO-IP platform offers organizers the possibility to display conferences also in the visitors‘ personal dashboards. This function is automatically activated by the use of the „ConferenceList“ widget at the exhibition entrance. All conferences assigned to the widget here will be displayed in the visitors‘ personal dashboards under the tab „Overview.“ Visitors can then transfer any conference to „My Agenda“ by clicking the button „Sign in.“

In the following example, we want to display ALL conferences in the visitor dashboard while at the virtual booth only two conferences are to be shown.

„ConferenceList“ at the exhibition entrance

To begin with, the widget „ConferenceList“ has to be set up at the exhibition entrance so that ALL conferences will be displayed in the visitor’s personal dashboard. In addition, for desktop users the next two conferences should appear with the use of a button, and for mobile users all conferences should be shown in a list. This is the standard configuration of the widget. Please select the following:

Menu –> Events, tab Entrance –> button „create new widget“
–> enter Tooltip  –> select ConferenceList under Widget Type –> Save. 

The widget position on the background graphic is predetermined – a different position cannot be chosen. Should you not wish to have a button at your exhibition entrance, you should uncheck „Desktop.“ Likewise, should you not wish to display a list of conferences to a mobile user, uncheck „Mobile.“ This can be desired for exhibitions that require registration as both desktop and mobile users can access the list of conferences on their personal dashboards.

It is imperative, however, that the option „Dashboard profile only“ in the general setup of the exhibition („Events“) is NOT to checked.

The result in desktop view

The result in the visitor dashboard

The result on a mobile device

„ConferenceList“ at any given booth

Now only two conferences should be shown to the desktop user as well as the mobile user.

Menu –> Booths –> edit booth –> „create new widget“  ConferenceList –>  drag and drop any desired conference from the list in the yellow framed area into the green framed area –> Save“

The result in desktop view

The result on a mobile device

The display of and registration to a conference is completely independent
of the chosen service solution with which the conference (online meetings, live stream, live simulation) is actually conducted.