EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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Conferences – Online-Meeings in General

EXPO-IP conference participants should be able to enter for an Online Meeting with just one click. Conference-Platforms such as Spreed or Adobe Connect offer the option to amend the access URL in a way that participant can enter the Meeintg without additional registration.

Create personalized Conference URL

The documentation of your conference service should provide instructions on how a meeting URL (participant access) should be structured so that participants can enter the webinar without additional registration (e.g., guest access or amending the conference URL with personal parameters). The following are EXPO-IP parameters you can use should your webinar provider furnish a link that can be amended:

  • [vorname] 
  • [nachname] 
  • [email]

A personal access URL, for instance, for Adobe Connect might look as follows:


A personal access URL, for instance, for Spreed could look like this:


A personal access URL, for instance, for GoToWebinar could look like this: