EXPO-IP CMS Dokumentation

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Conferences – EXPO-IP Set-up

At this point, you have created either a personalized conference URL and you are ready to set the conference up in the EXPO-IP system.

The EXPO-IP conference set-up requires the following:

  • (Presenter) Image – square, dimensions: 450px x 450px, format: .jpg or .png
  • Title of the conference
  • Short description of the conference
  • Start/End date and time of the conference

Please set-up of your conference only if you have all these components at the ready. Your conference set-up is made public immediately.

To obtain the contact data of conference participants after its conclusion and to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), It is necessary to enter a short text/notice to that regard. Additionally, you can also request the participants‘ consent for you to send them advertising or newsletter after the conference. Also for that purpose a text/notice can be entered.

Step 1 – Insert conference graphic / presenter photo

  • Log in to the EXPO-IP platform with your login data.
  • Click on „Media“ in the left menu and then the green „Upload Media“ button.
  • Select the booth where the conference is to be set up.
  • In the field „Type,“ select „Referenten-Bild“ (presenter photo) / „Galerie Bild“ (gallery image) (dimensions: 450×450 px – format: jpg oder png).“
  • „Name“ is a required field and is displayed as the title of the selected image during the conference. For presenter photos you would enter the name of the presenter including the company  (e.g., Martin Schulz, EXPO-IP GmbH)

Step 2 – Conference set-up at the booth

Select „Booths“ in the menu on the left and click on the edit symbol (pencil) on the very right of the booth of your choice.

a) Click on the tab „Conferences“

b) Click on „Create conference“

Complete the text fields „Title“ and „Description.“ In the field „Conference image“ all images are displayed that you assigned the „Type“ designation of „Referenten-Bild“ (presenter photo) / „Galerie Bild“ (gallery image). Select the desired image for the conference.

The field „Booth redirect“ has your virtual booth preselected. Visitor can enter your conferences from various points in the EXPO-IP platform, for example, the personal dashboard. Conference participants that enter from one of those various points into the conference are automatically directed to the virtual booth where the conference is set up and only after that to the conference. This ensures that visitors are always focused on your booth.

This way you can also refer to interesting content or the option of private chat on your virtual booth throughout the conference.

During the registration to your conference, the participant receives an email with the text you capture in the field „Email text for registration.“ To ensure that the participant can join the conference through a link in your email, it is essential that you include the variable [konferenz_url]  in the email text!

Privacy policy / Extended privacy policy

Sample text for the conference privacy policy:

„With registration, your contact data will be submitted to the presenting company so that the company may contact you regarding this conference.“

To allow you to contact a participant also after the conference, the participant has to provide explicit consent to the content you entered in the field „Privacy policy.“

Extended privacy policy (optional)

For GDPR-compliant consent to add the participant’s data to your newsletter distribution, please enter an appropriate text in the field „Extended privacy policy.“ The participant can give or deny his consent (optional policies), which has no bearing on conference participation.

Conference start / end date and time

Enter your conference’s start and end date as well as the time. Beginning five minutes before „Conference start,“ the EXPO-IP system directs participants to the conference.

For conferences that require registration (default), each participant receives a reminder email one day and one hour prior to the conference start.

In the field „Conference URL,“ enter the conference URL you have previously generated.

Summary – conference / webinar set-up

  • Get an create your conference URL.
  • Set-up in EXPO-IP system: set up the conference at the both and complete all necessary fields (conference image, texts, email texts, start/end date and time, privacy policy).
    – for GoTo Webinar conferences, capture in addition the generated keys, GoToWebinar access data and webinar key (numbers only)
    – for all other webinar service providers, enter only the conference URL.